About Kalanjali College of Nursing

Kalanjali College of Nursing Educational organisation is a non profitable registered organisation established in the year 2007. It is aimed at promoting and supporting education, training and research activities in the quest of quality health care. Through its various educational institutions across the country, it offers an array of bachalaureate, fellowship, and certificate courses in Medical and Health Sciences, Hospital and Healthcare Management disciplines.
In addition to carrying out in-house educational courses and research activities, Kalanjali College of Nursing continues to establish and strengthen strategic partnerships with national/ internationally renowned institutes/ universities and hospitals in India in the interest of developing innovative collaborative educational and research programmes. Kalanjali College of Nursing have successfully developed number of health professionals and conducted notable clinical and epidemiological research studies for the betterment of human populace.


Kalanjali College Of Nursing is being established with a philosophy to educate and train nurses on a higher level and on a wider basis not only with regards to quality of nursing education but also with the human values and vision to meet the changing health needs of the society.


Kalanjali college of nursing quest is to render personalized student care through a team of highly qualified and experienced Facilities.

Aims & Objectives

The main objective of the Society is to cater to the needs of the Students by rendering high quality education by establishing educational institutions Nursing Courses and all other health sciences. Training Institutions, Technical & Health Training Centers and Nursing Institutions.

The Society is poised to create and develop goodwill, co-operation and friendship, to secure peace, solidarity and work minded ness and to achieve social and educational objectives. The Society has been formed with a no profit motive and no commercial activity is involved in its working.

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